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Updated: 7/4-2021



General terms


Studiz ApS cvr. 38936719 ("Studiz", "we", "us" or "our) owns and operates this website and related services.


1. Using Studiz


All use of this website and associated services must be in accordance with applicable laws and regulations as well as these General Terms. By using Studiz you agree at the same time to these General Terms and Conditions which constitute a legally binding agreement. If you do not agree, please leave this website and / or service.

These terms are updated continuously, and without prior notice. You can always find the terms and conditions in force at any time on this website. To ensure that you always know the applicable terms, you should read this page before using the Studiz website or services.


2. Intellectual property rights


Studiz is the owner and / or rightful user of all designs, texts, content, information, selection and setup of content, organization, graphics, design, compositions and the like that are associated with this website ("IPR"). Use of this website and / or services does not give you any license or any IPR. Nothing on this website shall be construed as granting any license or right to use any IPR without the written permission of us or any third party.


3. Limitation of liability


We try to keep this website and / or services in continuous operation, virus-free and generally secure, but you use the website and / or services at your own risk. We make the Website available free of charge as it is, without any express or implied warranties, including but not limited to marketability, use for a specific purpose and not intrusion. We do not guarantee that this website is always 100% secure or error free, or that our services will always work without interruptions, delays or errors. Studiz is not responsible for the actions, content, information or disclosures of outsiders that you provide to us, our management, board of directors, employees or partners. Studiz is not responsible for claims or damages, known and unknown that arise or in any way relate to claims you may have against such an outside party.

Under no circumstances will Studiz be liable for any loss or damage, including but not limited to any accidents, consequential, direct or indirect damages, loss of data arising from the use or deficiencies of this website and / or Studiz's services. Studiz's total liability must in any case be limited to one hundred (100) Euros. If applicable law does not permit such limitation or equivalent disclaimer of liability, Studiz's liability shall be limited to the extent permitted by law.


4. Personal information


By accepting these terms, you confirm that you have read and understood the terms of our privacy policy and that you agree to this.

With the exception of personal information, all messages and all material you publish on the website and / or related services, or otherwise transfer to us, are treated as non-confidential and generic. By transferring personal information, you give us express consent and permission to disseminate and / or use it for all purposes described in the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, all personal information that comes to us via this website will be processed in accordance with our privacy policy.


5. Disputes


This agreement and any associated obligation that arises from or in connection with this, must be interpreted and adapted, cf. Danish law, however, with the exception of international privacy law provisions which entail adaptation of the court in another jurisdiction.

Disputes in connection with these terms must be decided in a general court with the court in Aarhus as the first instance.




Terms of use

Studiz services its members in accordance with these general terms and conditions.


Studiz provides a number of services through different media and on different platforms. Studiz also has a large number of collaboration partners who use Studiz services to varying degrees, in order to service Studiz members via Studiz. In order to make use of these services, you are required to accept our Terms of Use. If you do not accept our Terms of Use, you may not use our services.

These terms of use must be seen as general coverage, if there are no special terms / conditions for the individual services.


1. Introduction


Studiz is created by students for students with the aim of making student life more fun, cheaper and simpler. Therefore, it is of course 100% free to create your study profile and be a member of Studiz.

1.1.The following sections define the terms and terms used:

a) Member information: The information that the member registers upon registration and continuously updates on the website and / or services.

b) Member and Membership: The person who has created a profile on Studiz and who meets the conditions for being able to do so.

c) Platforms and Services: Includes i.a. Studiz website, Studiz mobile applications, newsletters, study start guides, groups and profiles on various social media etc.

d) Studiz: Studiz ApS; CVR: 38936719; Hermodsvej 5B, 8230 Åbyhøj, [email protected]


2. Membership


The Studiz system offers several different types of user profiles. Common to these is that the following conditions must be met in order to obtain membership.

a) Applicant must accept these General Terms and Conditions.

b) The applicant must provide the personal data requested at the time of creation, and these must be correct and keep them up to date.

c) If the applicant wants a Study Profile, the applicant must be an active student and enrolled in an educational institution above primary school level.

Membership is personal, and thus can not be transferred to others, just as abuse is strictly prohibited and will result in exclusion from all Studiz 'services and platforms.

3. Integrity


Data security and personal integrity are key words and have the highest priority at Studiz. We take pride in taking good care of our fellow students' information and want to give you full transparency regarding the use of information in every respect. The processing of your personal data is therefore regulated by Studiz to any applicable privacy policy, as part of these terms of use.


4. Your obligations


To fulfill our overall purpose: More fun, cheaper and simpler student life, we ask you to make sure and do the following:

- You have the right to use Studiz services and services.

- You do not in any way interfere with, alter, damage or otherwise impede the performance of Studiz 'activities.

- You do not provide incorrect or incorrect information to us, and undertake to update the member information and keep it up to date.

- Your membership with Studiz is personal, and you must therefore not disclose your user information and password to outsiders.

- You accept that all rights (tangible and intangible) regarding Studiz platforms and communication channels belong to Studiz, which is why reproduction of information from these is prohibited without special permission from Studiz.

- You accept that you are responsible when you use Studiz services and services, this follows all laws and regulations, and covers any costs for the use of services and / or services (eg data for your mobile operator).

- If you want to use the service "student card" / "employee ID" on the mobile application with a picture, it is a requirement that you upload a good-looking portrait picture. For requirements for a good-looking portrait image, please refer to the Police website with documentation regarding passport images.

5. Services and consent


Some of Studiz's services are wholly or partly advertising-financed, and you therefore agree that we may place advertisements and offers in the services. Its scope, type and placement of such advertisements and offers are subject to change without notice.

By using Studiz services, you agree that we may send advertisements, offers and other information about Studiz, our services and products, offers, information and services from our partners via mail, e-mail, mobile phone, Studiz and partners' mobile applications and other technology.

You accept that the information we provide, including the content of any services, may be completely or partially inaccurate and incorrect, and that you are responsible for your own use of Studiz, the services and the information will be made available.


6. Changes


Studiz reserves the right to change the Terms of Use at any time, including the privacy policy and cookie policy. If we do this, we will inform you via the services and / or e-mail so that you have the opportunity to take a position on this.

You are of course free to reject changes, but in that case you will no longer have access to Studiz services and services. If you continue to use Studiz services or services after changes, this will be considered as consent to these.

Changes in cookie policy, including which cookies are used, as well as expiration time on these, can, however, take place continuously without prior information.


7. Termination and period of validity


The membership can be terminated at any time by both the member and by Studiz, with immediate effect. Termination must be in writing and applies from the moment the other party receives it.

The membership is valid and valid from the moment a person completes the creation of a user profile, provided that he meets the conditions / prerequisites for becoming a member.

Members with Study Profiles must at least twice a year (at the start of the semester) confirm their continued status as active students, cf. prerequisites for membership, at the request of Studiz.


8. Limitation of liability and indemnity


Should anyone make a claim or bring an action against you in connection with your use of Studiz services or services, you shall indemnify us from and against all damages, losses and expenses of any kind including reasonable lawyer and other assistance costs incurred by such claim or case.

Studiz reserves the right to make any errors in the information published to members. We reserve the right to change, discontinue or restrict the availability and scope of all our services and platforms at any time, just as Studiz does not assume responsibility for the availability of these. We also accept no responsibility for members' improper use of Studiz platforms or services, let alone user ID and password. Studiz reserves the right to change in member information that Studiz deems necessary to comply with applicable law, maintain good practice and avoid any claims from outside parties. We assume no responsibility for the accuracy of information in third party programs used for certain of Studiz's services. All use of Studiz services and services is at your own risk and in accordance with the general terms of liability limitation.


9. Additional


Studiz reserves the right, at any time, and without the member's approval, to change the platforms and design of the services in terms of design, technical specifications, overall use, systems, etc.

Should any terms of the General Terms and Conditions as well as these Terms of Use or any service-specific terms may be considered invalid and cannot be enforced due to other applicable law, the remaining shall apply with full force and effect.

Any exceptions or exemptions from any or all of the terms and conditions must be in writing and signed by Studiz. Should we fail to enforce any provisions of our Terms, this should not be construed as an exemption.

Studiz has the right, in whole or in part, to transfer the rights and obligations that follow from these General Terms, Terms of Use and possibly service-specific terms in connection with the merger, acquisition or sale of services and services or in accordance with legislation or otherwise.

Nothing in these Terms shall prevent us from complying with applicable law.

We reserve all rights not expressly granted to you.


10. Contact


Studiz ApS is data responsible for your personal information. At Studiz, we are always very interested in hearing from our fellow students, whether this is rice or praise for our services and services or general suggestions for improvement, student discount wishes or wishes for services and services.

You are therefore very welcome to contact us by email or phone:

E-mail: [email protected]


Tlf: (+45) 7199 7520


Privacy Policy for Studiz


1. Introduction


The purpose of the study is to ensure all students a more fun, cheaper and simpler study life. To fulfill our purpose, we offer free membership of Studiz, which i.a. includes the processing of personal data in connection with. membership. Studiz is data responsible for your personal information that you provide in connection with. creation of membership. Studiz also collaborates with educational institutions, where Studiz can be the data processor for these, both in terms of personal information and other education-related information that may be necessary for specific Studiz services to be used at a given educational institution.

All references to "we", "us" and "our" in this Privacy Policy refer to Studiz.

We respect the integrity, privacy of our fellow students and take great pride in protecting your personal information, thus, we have committed ourselves to the GÉANT Data Protection Code of Conduct for Service Providers in EU/EEA ( & This privacy policy describes i.a. for what purpose we process your personal data, who we share this with and what rights you have in relation to this.


2. Personal information


Below you can find the personal information and purpose on which we process personal data, as well as the legal basis on which we base this processing. A legal basis can e.g. be (1) your consent to the specific treatment, (2) the processing is necessary to fulfill an agreement / contract where you are a party to the agreement or (3) through a balancing of interests (legitimate interest) where Studiz or a third party has a legitimate interest , which outweighs your interest in not processing the personal data.

If the processing of personal data for a given purpose is based on your consent, this will of course only happen if we have obtained your consent. You can give or revoke a consent at any time by changing settings under "Profile". Please note that a revoked consent does not affect the legality of treatments taken place before the revocation.

Studiz collects and processes information that can be divided into two main groups - user information and analytical information.

User information:

- Name
- Date of birth
- Gender
- Areas of interest
- Contact information (postal address, e-mail and telephone no.)
- Profile picture (Student card / Employee ID)
- Study information (activity, direction, level, start and expected end, institution, place / location, team and class)

Analytical information:

- Language selection
- Contact with support (email, phone, chat and messages on social media profiles)
- Usage history (Use of discounts and offers, purchases and payments (tickets, canteen, bar, print, etc.), click's and visits to the website / mobile app's)
- Technical information (IP address, operating system, mobile operator, device information (push notifications), browser and platform)


Purpose: To offer access to (digital) student card / employee ID

Processing: Creation of student card / employee ID on both the website and in the Studiz app.

Information: Name, contact information (e-mail), date of birth, possibly. study activity (institution, direction, start time).

Legal basis: Legitimate interest.
(In order to offer its services and services, Studiz has a legitimate interest in knowing if you are entitled to a student card / employee ID)

Purpose: Offer and manage membership

Processing: Creating a profile in the Studiz system, and creating a member page

Information: Name, contact information (e-mail, postcode and possibly mobile number), date of birth, possibly study activity (institution, direction, start time).

Legal basis: Fulfillment of the agreement on membership and legitimate interest.
(This treatment is necessary so that we can live up to the obligations cf. the agreement we enter into with you when you choose to become a member.
In order to offer its services and services, Studiz has a legitimate interest in managing the membership of its members)

Purpose: To determine whether you are entitled to use student discounts and offers

Processing: Registration of study status

Information: Name, date of birth, study activity.

Legal basis: Fulfillment of the membership agreement (by Study Profile).
(This treatment is necessary for us to determine whether you may be having a Study Profile on Studiz)


Purpose: Handling support inquiries

Processing: Answering inquiries by email, telephone or via chat, as well as social media profiles

Information: Name, user information, previous contact with support, contact information, usage history

Legal basis: Legitimate interest.
(Studiz has a legitimate interest in offering support and customer service to its members.)

Purpose: To improve our services and services

Processing: Produce and analyze customer satisfaction and market research. Produces and analyzes statistics for the use of Studiz services and services.

Information: Name, user information, contact information (e-mail and possibly telephone), usage history, technical information, answers to satisfaction and market surveys.

Legal basis: Legitimate interest.
(Studiz has a legitimate interest in evaluating its services and services with the aim of improving these for the benefit and enjoyment of its members.)

Purpose: Security purpose

Processing: Checks membership and activities. Investigate suspicious activities or violations of terms and conditions. Provide information to relevant authorities and / or partners (educational institutions) in case of suspicion of abuse / fraud.

Information: Name, user information, contact information, usage history

Legal basis: Legitimate interest.
(Studiz has a legitimate interest in promoting the safety and security of, and through use of, our services and services.)

Purpose: Communication with you

Processing: Communicates member-related information to you. Inform you about Studiz services and services.

Information: Name, user information, contact information, technical information

Legal basis: Legitimate interest.
(Studiz has a legitimate interest in being able to communicate with its members, to ensure, among other things, that they get the most out of their membership.)

Purpose: Customized discounts and offers

Processing: Sending emails, text messages and push notifications with information about discounts and offers

Information: Name, user information, contact information, technical information

Legal basis: Consent
(You are free to give your consent to this treatment under "profile")


Purpose: To offer payment services for partners (institutions)

Processing: Distribute information about the possibility of participation in events, happenings, and study trips

Information: Name, user information, contact information, technical information

Legal basis: Legitimate interest.
(Studiz has a legitimate interest in being able to communicate with its members, to ensure, among other things, that they get the most out of their membership.)

Purpose: Communicates job opportunities

Processing: Sending emails with job opportunities corresponding to your wishes / choices

Information: Name, user information, contact information

Legal basis: Consent.
(You are free to give your consent to this treatment under "profile")

Purpose: To provide access to "former-student" database

Processing: Storing information about study status

Information: Study information (institution, place / location, team and class)

Legal basis: Legitimate interest.
Studiz has a legitimate interest in being able to offer its members and partner institutions access to the "old-student" database, which allows students to find contact information about old classmates and helps institutions connect with former students at parties. , anniversaries, etc ..)


3. How long do we store your information?


We store your personal information for the time this is necessary to fulfill a given purpose. Certain personal information may also be stored for a longer period if other legislation so requires. This may, for example, apply in relation to the use of Studiz ordering services (eg tickets for parties, etc.).

You can, of course, at any time, ask us to delete your information - this is done by contacting our support. If there is information that cannot be deleted due to other legislation, you will receive information about it here.

Your data is store for a maksimum of 5 years after your status as an active student is no longer verified. Before deletion we will send you an email where you are able to prolong the data storage period witt another 5 years whereafter the process is repeated.


4. Collaboration on personal data


The information we collect from those listed in point 5 and the sharing of personal information with the partners listed in point 7 is solely for the purpose that you may use Studiz's service and services as described in point 2. We will never sell or otherwise, neither share nor retrieve information, for other purposes or occasions that do not include fulfilling that purpose.


5. Where do we collect personal information from?


Studiz collects personal information directly from you through your interactions with Studiz services and services, your contact with our support, and when you create your profile. In addition, we also collect information from:

- Educational institutions
- Study associations / Student Unions
- The Danish Agency for IT and Learning (UNI login)
- DeiC - Ministry of Education (WAYF)
- Study administration systems (Uddata +, Lectio, Ludus mf.)
Photographers (School Photographers)
- CPR register


6. What happens if you do not give us will give us your person or permission to process these?


Some of the personal information that we request from you is necessary for us to fulfill our obligations to you in connection with you creating your profile on Studiz. An example of this is your email address, which is a requirement for us to create you in our system. We always try to describe what we use your information for, where we ask you to submit it.


7. Who do we share personal information with?


In order to provide our services and services to you, it may be necessary for us to share your information with certain business partners. Of course, we only share the data that is absolutely necessary to fulfill a given purpose. Below you can see who we share personal information with:

- Educational institutions and study administrative systems (Uddata +, Lectio, etc ..)
- Individual partners (companies that offer discounts and offers)
- Technical partners (Backup and server provider)


8. Transfer to countries outside Europe


We do not transfer any data to countries outside the EU.


9. Your rights


Below you can find a summary of your rights, cf. Regulation (EU) 2017/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016.

Of course, it is free for you to exercise these rights and you do so by contacting our support (contact information can be found at the bottom of this privacy policy)

For any inquiries to Studiz in connection with. exercise of your rights, we will always assess whether your request is justified. The rights below are not absolute and exceptions may apply. In addition to the rights below, you always have the opportunity to submit a complaint to the Data Protection Authority about Studiz 'processing of your personal data.

Right to insight
You have the right to see and receive information about the personal data that we process about you.

Right to rectification
You have the right to have inaccurate or incomplete personal information that we hold about you corrected or made complete by contacting us. You can correct or update some of your personal information via your profile on Studiz services.

Right to delete
You can request us to delete your personal information from our systems, eg if the information is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was originally collected. We will grant this request unless we have legitimate reasons not to delete the information. Please note that if you wish to have the information deleted, this may mean that we no longer have the opportunity to offer you access to Studiz services and / or services.

Right to withdraw consent
If the treatment is based on a consent, you can withdraw his consent at any time. You can do this via your profile page on Studiz services. Withdrawing your consent may result in you having fewer opportunities to use Studiz services and / or services. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the treatment based on consent before the withdrawal.

Right to limitation of treatment
You can ask us to limit the processing of your personal data, e.g. during the processing of your request for deletion or correction or of your objection, and / or if we do not have legitimate reasons to process your information. Once processing has been restricted, your information will only be stored and not further processed. For example, if you dispute the accuracy of your information, the ability to process such information will be narrowed until the accuracy of the information is ensured. However, this may mean that you have fewer opportunities to use Studiz services and / or services.

Right to data portability
When processing information is carried out in an automated manner and based on a contract or consent, you have the right to receive the personal data you have provided to us in a structured and commonly used format and to have this information transmitted to a third party. .

Right to object
You may have the right to object to certain uses of your personal information if the information is processed for purposes other than what is necessary for us to provide Studiz services and / or services, or for us to comply with our legal obligation. For example, you can request that we stop processing your personal information for direct marketing or profiling purposes based on legitimate interests. If you object to the processing of your personal data, this may mean that you have fewer opportunities to use Studiz services and / or services.

Right to waive direct marketing
You have the right, at any time, to opt out of the processing of your personal data in connection with direct marketing. If you do this, Studiz will no longer process your information for such purposes. You have the opportunity to control which channels, as well as the type of personal offers via your profile page on Studiz services.


10. Contact

At Studiz, we are always very interested in hearing from our fellow students, whether this is rice or praise for our services and services or general suggestions for improvement, student discount wishes or wishes for services and services.

You are therefore very welcome to contact us by email or phone:


E-mail: [email protected]


Tlf: (+45) 7199 7520



Cookie policy

The following describes what cookies are and how Studiz ApS ("we" or "Studiz") uses these. When you use Studiz services, you accept that we use cookies in accordance with this cookie policy.

1. Introduction

Cookies are small text files that are sent and stored on your device and that allow us to identify visitors to Studiz services, facilitate the use of our services and create aggregated information about our visitors. That way, we can improve Studiz services and provide better service to you. Our cookies do not harm your device or your files. We use cookies to tailor Studiz services and the information we provide to you regarding your individual interests. Some cookies are necessary for the use and operation of a hassle-free experience of Studiz, and they are used e.g. to remember your language choice and your login. Other cookies are used to collect information regarding the use of Studiz services, e.g. which content is frequently visited for use in improving Studiz.

There are basically two types of cookies:

Permanent: Stored on the device for a given period
Session: Stored in the browser and disappears when the browser is closed
You can choose to set your internet browser to reject cookies or to notify you when cookies are sent. The following links provide e.g. information on how to change the cookie settings in some of the popular browsers:

Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Please note that some parts of Studiz's services will not work properly if you reject the use of cookies.

2. Web analytics

Studiz does not use google analytics, but has its own self-controlled system, which via cookies, collects analytical information about visitors' use of Studiz services. This collection is for the purpose of improving the Studiz platform and services.


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