As a student-friendly business, you can...

Data-based performance

Increase sales

Offering a student discount increases traffic by attracting both new and existing customers to explore their exclusive opportunities.

The increased affordability and added incentive of an exclusive student discount leads to higher-than-average conversion rates, that provide an increase in revenue and gives more customers more great experiences with your products.

Brand awareness and positioning

Build customer loyalty

Reaching customers as early as possible lets your business build loyalty sooner and increase customer lifetime value.

Our research shows that 8 out of 10 students prefer businesses that offer a student discount, and with word-of-mouth being especially prominent in this segment, awareness spreads quickly for great opportunities at student-friendly businesses.

Win this competitive advantage today by becoming a student-friendly business.

Social and environmental responsibility

Invest in the future

As a student-friendly business, you economically support and help the youth that will control and shape the future of society.

As a valued partner of Studiz, you also actively support the digitalization of outdated and less environmental-friendly processes such as producing and printing plastic-IDs year after year.

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