Our mission is simple: Ensure a cheaper, simpler and more fun student life. Among lots of other things we will do this by gathering and simplifying the access to unique student discounts and special offers targeted students. 

Studiz is made by students - for students and therefore naturally 100% free to use.


The first step in the process is to provide updated information about student discounts to our fellow students – which is the fundamental idea behind the Studiz app. But what good is the information about Student discounts, if you as a student can't use the discounts? That's why a digital student-ID is built into the app. You get access to the digital student-ID after verifing/confirming your student status and so you always have your student-ID in your pocket. Through this you are able to prove to shops, museums, at the friday bar, on campus or anywhere else it might need it, that you are in fact a student.


The app shows the way to all locale student discount and student offers around Denmark, and contains all online discounts as well. In corporation with a number of companies we offer verified students access to unique discount codes.






Most students have their mobile nearby at all times and with the Studiz app you have your student-ID and discounts close as well!