Tickets by Studiz is the market's best and most obvious choice for payments and events arranged by student organizations, highschool party associations, educational institutions and similar.

Besides being the cheapest ticket platform at the market it is also the most efficient, due to the fact that Tickets by Studiz is built especially for the needs you have, when you organize events for students. Tickets by Studiz gives the organizer a full overview of guests before, during and after the event via an organizer-login to, and an effective opportunity to communicate with guests via Studiz smartphone app and the Studiz platform in general.

As a participant, you have your tickets in the Studiz App, where these are combined with your digital student-ID, hence no more paper tickets. You can even buy tickets for events directly in the Studiz App.
With Tickets by Studiz you only need to bring your smartphone to the party.

Advantages with Tickets by Studiz:


- The lowest ticket fee at the market (2kr.)

- No fee for free events

- No need for additional equipment in connection with scanning of tickets (the staff who have to take care of the access control can download a QR scanner on their smartphone)

- Send messages and updates about the event to the guests via push notifications and e-mails.

- Simple and straightforward organizer login, with full visibility before, during and after the event.

- Create different ticket groups with different prices, and specify access to these. E.g:

- Ticket groups which is only available for students in a specific class or at a specific subject

- Ticket groups that are available to external participants (non- student)

- Ticket groups that are only available for students (e.g. If students only have to pay half-price compared to non-students) 




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