What is A-kasse?

The danish word "A-kasse" s an abbreviation for "arbejdsløshedskasse" and means unemployment insurance fund.

Membership of an A-kasse is free for students (on second level educations) and, if you join one at least 12 months before you finish your studies, you will be entitled to unemployment compensation from day one and avoid the normal 30 day suspension period.

Why join A-kasse?

When you join/become a member of an A‑kasse, you are guaranteed an amount of regular income if you become unemployed. This gives you time to look for a new/the right job, while you still are able to pay your bills.

Besides the free membership most A-kasses’ offer their members a number of benefits which is just another good reason for joining one right away.

As with most other things, there is a number of different A-kasses’, all with their special focus area. We tried to make it easier for you to choose the right one, by researching the market and connecting A-kasses with educations.

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