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You get your new mobile subscription with 10% student discount by calling .. .. .. ... On this number you willl reach a eesy employee who will help you transfer your current subscription.

with an eesy subscription there is nothing written in small, no set-up fee, no binding, no hidden fees - that is eesy.

Prices and subscriptions with Studiz rabat

15 GB data + unlimited calls: 89,- DKK (Normalpris 99,- DKK)

30 GB data + unlimited calls: 107,- DKK (Normalpris 119,- DKK)

120 GB data + unlimited calls: 125,- DKK (Normalpris 139,- DKK)

Fri data + unlimited calls: 161,- (Normalpris 179,- DKK)

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Let eesy call you

You can also get a call from eesy. Just fill out the contact formular and they will contact you.