Copenhagen is Denmark’s capitol and in this big city are there more than 130.000 students. Copenhagen University is with its’ 40.000 students the biggest educational institution in Denmark. There are a lot of students every year that move to the capitol to either study or work. All around the year the city buzzes of life, and there is rich opportunity for the students to experience the vast amounts of attractions the city offers like Tivoli, the round tower and the Zoo. See all student discounts in Copenhagen


If you are more for shopping or café visits with your fellow students can you take a stroll down the shopping street which is filled with shops, cafes and bars.


There are plenty opportunity to get student discounts in a long list of shops and companies based in Copenhagen, there is a general understanding of the financial situation of the students. A Student budget does not reach far and wide and with Studiz there are a lot of help to get – see all student discounts here.