Odense is one of the larger student cities in Denmark, with approx. 33.000 students. The biggest educational institution in the city is University of Southern Denmark. There are also a lot of other educational institutions such as: Business academy Lillebælt, University College Lillebælt and Kold College.


The students in Odense make it a lively city, and the students are often to be found in Munke Mose during the summer among other places. Munke Mose normally is a cozy gathering point for the students and is host to some nice experiences. See all student discounts in Odense



The study city of Odense offers a wide variety of local shops, mixed with bigger and more well-known Danish and international brands. The shops acknowledge the relatively tight financial situation of the students, and there are a lot of shops and companies that are willing to do a little extra to help the students. The shops offers different types of student specific offers as well the regular Student Discount – see all of them there.