As we are students, we know how difficult it can be to find a company that are willing to participate in school projects. We therefore offer fellow students, that may need our help, a cooperation. We are also well aware of the situation where one spends a great deal of time, effort and concern creating the best possible rapport that really could benefit the company, just to see it be placed on the back selves and never to be opend again.This will not happen at Studiz.

Besides cooperating to achive the best possible academic result we implement app. 80% of all suggestions/modifications that we receive from our follow students. Hence you have the posibility to see impelmentation of your results and how your hard labour benefits the rest of the students in the country.


The area where we can assist:

- Event-related assignments

- Branding and strategy

- Technical projects with regards to website- and mobile development.

- Design and graphics


Contact us att [email protected], if your are interested to know more.