Guide to deposit to Studiz account

  1. When you are logged in at, you can access you studiz account through your profile page (link in the top right cornor).
  2. Find ”Studiz Credits” and click on Show Studiz account” - Initially you will see and be able to make deposits and when you have completed a purchase you will see another tab with information about the purchases you have made.

    - If your institution has active canteen's in Studiz you can find these through your Studiz app where you can complete purchases in these.

    - If your institution uses Studiz for bar-payments in association to parties you will be able to find bars and products in the Studiz app (seperate menu element), when the event is ongoing.
  3. Studiz account - konto til betaling i bar/kantinen via Studiz app for uddannelsesinstitutioner og studerende
  4. Choose ”deposit money” and specify the amount you wish to deposit

    - You have the option of adding a payment card to speed up the process at future deposits.

    - Furthermore you have the option of adding a automatic refill where the system automatically makes deposits when your Studiz account reaches a pre-defined limit.
  5. Indsæt penge på din Studiz konto til betaling i fredags/fest-baren og kantinen på din uddannelsesinstitution

If you have any questions or need help please contact Studiz on:
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone (+45) 71 99 75 20 ( 15.00-18.00 )
or through the chat on

Study friendly regards
/ Randers Social- og Sundhedsskole & Studiz