Digital Student-ID

With Studiz students get access to a verified, personal digital student-ID.

What is a digital student card?

The digital student card is valid on an equal footing with the "old-fashioned" plastic card.

However, the security is significantly higher for both students and supervisors, since only real, active students can present the card in the app. This is ensured through Studiz's verification of student status, which is carried out in collaboration with the country's educational institutions.

Studiz verifies student status in several different ways, depending on the educational institution, and cooperates with, among others, with the Agency for IT and Learning under the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Research and Education, as well as several suppliers of study administrative systems.

How does it work?

Students confirm their affiliation with the educational institution

This can be done via 5 different verification methods, depending on the educational institution

Students upload their photo for the student-ID themselves, which must be accepted by our face rekognition

The face rekognition includes various restrictions and checks on this process to ensure image quality and avoid abuse

Via institution login, institutions have access to a number of digital student cards’ integrated functions

In addition, students get access to various local and online discounts... Can it get any better?

Safety factors

At the start of each semester, at Denmark's educational institutions, students must confirm/reconfirm their status as active students. This ensures that there are no expired and/or unverified digital student cards among the students.

All information that appears on the student card about the student is valid information taken from the Danish CPR register.

The image of the student can be continuously updated for the benefit of the controller. However, the image can only be changed in connection with the reconfirmation of the student card to prevent misuse. Below the image of the student, there is a moving animation, which guarantees that the student card is not a picture/screenshot.

Not convinced yet?

Use same images in all systems through our integrations (e.g with Lectio, Studie+, Ludus etc.)

Boost your green profile and give your students the solution they would want

Save the hassle in connection with the production and administration of the student cards

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