By offering students discount you have a uniq opportunity to build a relation with your future customers today.

A cooperation with Studiz enables you to:
- Optimize your sales
- Build your brand
- Create life-long loyality through student discount

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Studiz can boost your business on both long and short terms!

Short term you can:
1. Increase your business's customer base and sales, hence create more flow.
2. Create an attractive image as a student friendly business.

Long term you can:
1. Grow through close relation to an attractive and deep-pocketed customer group
2. Future-proof you business

Studiz in 15 seconds

Studiz gives you an uniq opputunity to reach your future customers today. We help you build a close relation to the students, a relation, that with the end-consumer in focus, will continue throughout the customers lifetime.
Students are each day substains to a massive amount of offers and impressions through various channels incl. sociale media. Because of this your messages is easely drowning unless you are willing to spend large sums. Studiz is your oppotunity to reach the students directly and in a cost-effective way. (Our marketing packages start at 4.995,- dkr. for 12 months)

Through our cooperation with the educational institutions and several public databases controlled by the The Ministry of Education and the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, we verify students status as active students, hence we can guarante that only active students can get access to your student offers and the digital student-ID.

A cooperation with Studiz gives you access to your own company profile where you edit you business profile, upload logo and images as well as create and edit offers for the students.

In short: With Studiz you get a direct communication channel to the students where you quickly and efficient can create sales flow and boost your business.

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