Discount codes

With Studiz you can find discount codes to lots of webshops. Through the verification of student status we can ensure the companies that we cooperate with that their student discount codes only will be available for actual students.


This means that we are able to negotiate deals and discounts with a number of companies that normally doesn’t provide discount and better deals with companies that does. When it comes to company partners our focus is to find companies that understands the economic situation of students and see the value in establishing an early connection with us that can lead to life-long loyalty. Before Studiz many online companies and webshops found it rather difficult to offer discounts to students due to a difficult administration process required to ensure that the customer actually was a student. With Studiz automatic verification system this is now taken care of.


At Studiz we believe that the best discounts and deals available should be the ones targeted students due to our economic situation. Every other person, member of a purchasing associations, customer club or the like, has an income that far exceeds the one of students.  


You can join us in our effort for a cheaper, better and simpler student life by signing up, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and spread the message about us to your friends and follow students.

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