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To make it possible for Studiz to handle the tickets on behalf of our partners, it is necessary that the ticket buyer creates a user (event-guest) in the Studiz system, in order to attach the bought tickets. The following are the currently conditions for setting up an event guest. In addition, please refer to Studiz general conditions for the use of Studiz and related services.

1. Introductory

Tickets by Studiz are a ticket service, which enables the handling of tickets and events, with the option to verify participants’ status as students. Tickets by Studiz are specially designed for educational institutions, student associations, party organizations etc.

1.1. The following section define concepts and terms:

a) Member Information: The information the member records at the enrollment and ongoing updates on the website.

b) Member and Membership: Individuals who has signed up via the website, and who qualifies the terms for membership.

c) Platforms and Services: Includes among others the Studiz website www.studiz.dk/en, Studiz mobile applications, newsletters, Facebook groups etc.

d) Studiz: CVR nr.: 38936719 Hermodsvej 5B, 8230 Aabyhøj



2. Creating a user profile


2.1. The following conditions must be met to qualify for membership:

i. The applicant must approve these general terms.

ii. The applicant must provide the personal data required at membership sign-up, and these must be correct.

2.2. The membership is personal and cannot be transferred to others; abuse is strictly prohibited and will result in exclusion from all services and platforms of Studiz.

2.3. It’s free of charge to be a member of Studiz


3. Consent to the processing of personal information


3.1. Approval of these general conditions, include that the member consents that Studiz can handle the member's personal information in accordance with the following:

a) Determine the possibility for, and manage, membership.

b) Make services and platforms available .

c) Promote own and partners' services and products, for instance through newsletters etc..

d) Dissemination of information about the membership.

3.2. Studiz treats all personal data in accordance with the danish personal data law "Persondataloven".

3.3. Members have the right, at any time, to withdraw the consent completely or partially.

3.4. Members are entitled to submit a access request regarding the information Studiz holds on the member. Studiz is required to respond to this request, within four weeks. If this is not possible, Studiz must forward reasons. Members have the right to have incorrect or outdated information corrected or deleted. Members can submit a new request no earlier then 6 months after the latest one.

3.5. Studiz has confidentiality in relation to member information, and must not use or disclose them for purposes other than those arising out of these general terms without the consent of the member.


4. The member's responsibilities and obligations


4.1. The member may not use programs or the like, which can disturb, alter, damage or otherwise hinder the performance activities of Studiz.

4.2. The member is obligated to update the member's information and keep them updated.

4.3. Membership at Studiz is personal, and therefore the member may not disclose his user information and password to outsiders. Violation to this leads automatic to exclusion.

4.4. All rights (tangible and intangible) regarding the platforms and communication channels belongs to Studiz, and therefore reproduction of the information from these are prohibited without special permission from Studiz.


5. Limitation of Liability


5.1. Studiz has hedge against any typographical errors in the information distributed to the members.

5.2. Studiz reserves the right at any time to modify, suspend or restrict the availability and extent of all its services and platforms. Studiz accepts no responsibility for the availability of these.

5.3. Studiz assumes no responsibility for damages arising out of foreign penetration in Studiz' systems or third party systems used by Studiz, by which outsiders can access, copy, modify, or delete member information or other information.

5.4. Studiz assumes neither responsibility for members' improper use of Studiz platforms or services, let alone the user information and password.

5.5. Studiz reserves the right to change the member information, which Studiz consider necessary to comply with given law, to maintain good behavior and avoid any claims by outside parties.

5.6. Studiz accepts no responsibility for the accurate of information contained in third party programs, which is used to some of Studiz services. Any use of these services, are at the members own risk.


6. Termination and duration


6.1. Membership is valid and effective from the moment a person creates a user profile.

6.2. Membership may at any time be terminated by the member as well as Studiz, with immediate effect. Termination must be in writing and shall apply from the moment the counterparty receives this.


7. Cookie Policy


7.1. Studiz use cookies. A cookie is a small file, stored on your computer and which contain an identification of the computer facing Studiz. Cookies do not contain personal data in itself, but is used to identify the computer used towards Studiz systems. You can in your browser disable cookies, although this will degrade the user experience, as some of Studiz services do not work without cookies. Studiz never share cookies with others.

7.2 We like cookies and eat a lot of them at the office.



8. Other


8.1. Studiz reserves the right, at any time, and without the member's consent to change platforms and services.

8.2. Studiz reserves the right to change these general terms through updates, changes or supplements with imidiate effect for all existing members.

8.3. Studiz has the right to fully or partially, to transfer the rights and obligations arising from these general terms.

8.4. A potential dispute over the interpretation of these general terms shall be settled under Danish law provisions and before a Danish court.



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