Aarhus is percentage wise the biggest student city in Denmark, with more than 64.000 students.
The biggest educational institution in the city is Aarhus University, which is ranked in the top 100 on the trendsetting university rankings. Thereafter is VIA University College, which is the biggest university college in the country with over 18.000 students spread out in 7 different campus cities.


It can be seen on the average age of Aarhus that the city is host to a multitude of students, the average age of Aarhus is the youngest of Denmark. The high concentration of students enriches the life of the city. Especially in the summer months is the youth of the city apparent, with a lot of students dominating the streets. The Spanish staircase that is located next to the central point of the city, The river, this staircase have been the gathering point for students for a long period.


The city of Aarhus offers a wide variety of special shops, with a good mixture of well-known Danish and international brands. There are a general understanding of the financial situation of the students, which is why you can find a large number of shops and companies that offer Student Discounts and special offers - see all of them here.