Team Studiz

Studiz is created by students and thrive on the priniciple "from students – to students"

We are all either currently students or we recently finished our studies. This is one of our biggest strengths, because we feel that it is the students themselves that know the students the best, both when it comes to wishes regarding student discounts, and how we want to communicate the challenges a study life brings in general.

We are always interested in hearing from our fellow students - so feel free to drop by for a quick talk and a cup of coffee or tea, or sent us and email.

The Team behind your Student Discounts

Sille Skøtte Kaalund
Education: Innovation and Business Favorite student discount: Gøre hverdagen som studerende sjovere Communication Manager

Jeg vil gerne gøre studielivet sjovere, og derfor arbejder jeg hos Studiz

Vlada Afanasjeva
Education: Digital Concept Development Favorite student discount: Flixbus UX/UI Designer

I'am part of Studiz as I want to improve student life for all students in Denmark

Kenneth Riis
Education: Bachelorgrad i International Virksomhedskommunikation (Spansk) Favorite student discount: Jeg sparer, hvor der spares kan – specielt på mad! Commercial Manager

"Jeg har et ønske om at gøre studielivet lidt lettere. Det skal nemlig være slut med at gå glip af fantastiske studierabatter, fordi man har glemt det lille irriterende plastic-kort i skoletasken eller i den anden jakke."


Lasse Tindbæk
Education: Business Development Engineer ved AU-HIH Favorite student discount: Stylepit Founder and CEO

"For mig begyndte det hele med en bachelor opgave...
Idag er min rolle at udvikle og forbedre Studiz til vores alles bedste"

E-mail: [email protected] Phone: 29408339

If you have any specific questions regarding student discounts or study offers, we kindly ask you to contact to the company in question direcly as we only communicate the information regarding the student discounts and special offers.

Become our new colleague!

We are always on the look out for fellow students with drive and talent - that has the ability and desire to make student life better for all of us.

We don't care about which education you follow or how far you come in your studies so whether you study Nanoscience, are in highschool or in at your final term we would love to hear from you if you believe that you can improve student life - work at Studiz.

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