Bars & Canteens

The Studiz canteen and bar system is built on the basis of flexibility, transparency and cost optimization.

How does it work?

Studiz canteen- and barsystem is a full POS-system which offers the possibility to have a run a standard sales process where the customer places an order and the staff enters this into the app. However, the system provides also provides an option where the customer places an order (and pays) ahead. This might help you reduce food waste as well as minimize queues in the lunch break.

The system is based on a wallet functionality where one deposits an amount and all purchases then are withdrawn from this afterwards. This increases speed at buying situations and reduces cost connected to transaction fees. Furthermore, it also ensures a full overview of the purchase history with regards to products as well as staff handling the customers order.

Finally the system is connected to uniq user ID's, which allows the administrator to set limitations and/or offer specific discounts.

There is access to many functionalities to manage canteens and bars via admin-module

  • Have access to a full overview of all sales in the individual bars/canteens, as well as seller and buyer info
  • Create and edit bars/canteens, products and staff's access to these
  • Create general or individual restrictions and/or discount schemes

With Studiz app, you can:

  • Make the order in the canteen/bar and notify staff to prepare the
  • Store receipts and see purchase history
  • Create general or individual restrictions and/or discount schemes

Studiz Wallet

In order to minimize expenses for bank fees, Studiz Canteen & Bar system contains a wallet where the individual student/employee can deposit money, where all purchases are subsequently deducted from this wallet.
Saved cards overviews
Automatic top-up agreement
Transaction information

Not convinced yet?

Minimized expenses for bank fees by depositing money in a Studiz wallet to use for all purchases

Automatic top-up agreement to never run out of money in your wallet

Full access to transaction information via both your profile page on the Studiz website and the app

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