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Highway 51 (Aarhus) disounts for students

Highway 51 (Aarhus)

  • Discount on your bill
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Fit&Sund Aarhus C disounts for students

Fit&Sund Aarhus C

  • Fit & Sund student discount
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Dit Pulterkammer (Aarhus Nord) disounts for students

Dit Pulterkammer (Aarhus Nord)

  • Student and need more space?
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Eventhall disounts for students


  • Student Discount on all packages at Eventhall
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Eventpark Aarhus disounts for students

Eventpark Aarhus

  • 10% student discount on EVERYTHING
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Birthe Gleerup (Badstuegade) disounts for students

Birthe Gleerup (Badstuegade)

  • Birthe Gleerup offers 15% student discount
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Le Basilic disounts for students

Le Basilic

  • Le Basilic offer student discount monday - thursday on 3 dishes for 215
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Cafe Faust disounts for students

Cafe Faust

  • Student offer at Cafe Faust
  • 15% student discount at Cafe Faust
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Le Pagnol disounts for students

Le Pagnol

  • 3 course menu without wine for 179,- with wine for each dish for 349,- at Le Pagnol
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Le restaurant disounts for students

Le restaurant

  • Le´s restaurant offers 15% student discount
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TandlægeCenteret Clemens Torv disounts for students

TandlægeCenteret Clemens Torv

  • 10% student discount on alle free services at Tandlægecenteret.
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Aarhus Symfoniorkester disounts for students

Aarhus Symfoniorkester

  • Student discount at Aarhus Symfoniorkester on tickets and last-minute tickets.
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Restaurant Margueritten disounts for students

Restaurant Margueritten

  • 10% on menus and 20% student discount on the rest of ala carte at Restaurant Marguritten
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Tapashi disounts for students


  • 20% student discount at Tapashi
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Smarteyes (Aarhus) disounts for students

Smarteyes (Aarhus)

  • 20% student discount on full time contact lenses at Smarteyes Aarhus
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IPOLE Aarhus disounts for students

IPOLE Aarhus

  • Try 1 month of Poledancing without commitments
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Bar Tapas (Aarhus) disounts for students

Bar Tapas (Aarhus)

  • 15% student discount at Bar Tapas
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Aarhus Hardballbane disounts for students

Aarhus Hardballbane

  • 20% student discount at Aarhus Hardballbane
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SuperBrugsen (Vesterbro Torv) disounts for students

SuperBrugsen (Vesterbro Torv)

  • 10% student discount at SuperBrugsen Vesterbro Torv
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SuperBrugsen (Jægergårdsgade) disounts for students

SuperBrugsen (Jægergårdsgade)

  • 10% student discount at SuperBrugsen Jærgergårdsgade Torv
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